Halloween slot game

What The What?!? Halloween Slot Game announced

You are home alone in the garden cottage, your cat pricks up her ears, starts hissing at the closed curtains covering the front door, and her hairs start standing up…

You hear something loud and coming closer, gaining momentum…

Microgaming is launching a Halloween themed online slot game!!!

What the what?!? This is the best news ever!

 Why Is This The Best News Ever?

Right, here’s the thing, Halloween is the BEST holiday of the year, is it not? I mean, what could be better than dressing up in a costume and going to a party, or whatever, and no one knows who you are, so you can literally be anything you want to be!

What fun to be had by pretending to be something you are not for just one night of crazy fun! AND, now you can be scared out of your wits in your own home, when ever you want, by playing this exciting new online slots game by Microgaming! Winning!


The Ultimate Halloween Crush

If you are a true fan of the holiday, you will certainly have heard of the movie Halloween, which made its debut in 1978 and inspired an entire Halloween franchise due to its cult success. Perhaps you have also seen it multiple times, or is that just us? No? Okay, so we are cult fans, don’t be so judgy!

This was Jamie Lee Curtis’s big debut into the Hollywood scene and from there onwards, she went on to big things but this is not what we are crushing on. Nor are we crushing on Donald Pleasance, who co-starred alongside Curtis in this epic movie.

No, we are crushing on the movie itself. We will always hold a special place in our hearts for American slasher movies and Halloween is a prime example of this genre. Michael Meyers is terrifyingly creepy as the sadistic serial killer who first tasted blood by murdering his sister when he was still a child (OMG). So much so, that year upon year, many of his fans dress up in costume like him to celebrate Halloween and live out those fantastical slasher feels.

Microgaming has also announced a Phantom of the Opera slot game! 

Why Has Microgaming Chosen Halloween?

Um, there have been few other movies that have inspired a 10-movie franchise due to its success at the Box Office, grossing over $47 million in the U.S. alone and that still remains a cult favourite among critics some 40 years after its release.

Enough said.

Moving swiftly along…

Halloween slot game

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

We have yet heard of a specific released date but it is coming out later this year so keep your knickers on and wait it out with bated breath until it comes out.

We are not the only ones who are excited about this:

“Embracing all the elements of what made the movie such a success, our games team are busy developing a slot for release later in the year.”

David Reynolds, Games Publisher at Microgaming

 Such elements include the soundtrack as well as the iconic characters!


Get excited people!

UPDATE: Halloween is due to be released at Platinum Play Casino in October