What to do while you wait for season 8 GOT

Well, let’s be honest here, we at Platinum Play Casino think that you would have had to be living under a rock to not have heard of one of the biggest Television shows, globally, at the moment. Like, a really big rock for that matter. It’s fine if you are not a fan (although we freely judge your poor life decisions if that is how you feel) but if you are a fan, there is a really, really, really long wait until Game of Thrones Season 8.

And, talk about that cliffhanger…

No seriously, we need to talk about it. It is healthy, constructive therapy for us huge Game of Thrones fans. It is all so up in the air now, so much going on, we don’t even know where to begin talking about it. All we know is that we are not happy that we have to wait an entire year (gasp!) to see what happens with the 4 houses of Westeros. Gah!

However, will we cope???

Tips And Ticks On How To Cope And Keep Your Selves Entertained

  1. “Do it for the Gram”

If you are not that enthralled by the Average Joe’s Instagram post about their food, then, have no fear, you can follow the cast of Game Of Thrones instead. This account is full of hilarious behind the scene antics of the cast that will make you fall in love with the characters in an entirely different way in preparation for Game of Thrones Season 8. Just a side warning on this: we are not responsible for the amount of broken hearts that Kit Harrington aka Jon Snow will lay waste to through this Instagram account (sigh).

Post-Emmys Pout-off 👍#tbt

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Me and my new bestie #got7 #friendsforever

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  1. Fan Theories

Facebook fan theories are a great way keep the flame burning, and no, this flame is not a reference to the red lady and her fire God (we are somewhat suspicious of her dubious nature) but it does refer to the countless theories as to what will happen in Game of Theories Season 8. There are so many it is hard to keep up. So many! So, why not take your pick and when Game of Thrones Season 8 begins you can really put them to test.

  1. Bad Lip Reading

On the more humorous side, because, let’s be fair, Game of Thrones is a very serious part of our lives, but if you want to see the humour in it, then  you can watch hilarious lip readings on Youtube that will keep you entertained until Game of Thrones Season 8 because you will keep seeing those  familiar faces of the cast that we have come to think of our extended families, albeit, our slightly disgruntled but not entirely unlovable, extended  families.

  1. Game of  Thrones online slot game

Last but not least, you can definitely keep your love burning strong for Game of Thrones by playing the Game of Thrones Slots Game. This actually features snippets from the series! Winning! (In more ways that one because what else do you play online slots for??)

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