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Learn how to play online roulette

Roulette is one of the most iconic casino games all over the world, and it can now be played online! The red and black online roulette wheel symbolises excitement, elegance, and the possibility of huge winnings.

The game itself is simple. The wheel has numbered slots (0-36) that alternate in red and black. The wheel is spun in one direction, and a small ball is spun in the opposite. Once both come to a complete stop, the winning number is called out, and winnings are paid.

The goal of this thrilling game is to predict where the ball will land. You do not need any special strategy when you start playing. However, there are different types of bets you can make to increase your odds of winning a substantial payout.

Types of bets

On the table, there is both a wheel and a betting grid. The grid is where you place your chips (or click your mouse) in order to bet.

An important rule of thumb to remember is that if you bet on many numbers, you have higher chances of winning but will receive a lower payout. On the other hand, betting on a smaller amount of numbers will reward you with higher payouts.

There are two types of bets you can place in roulette: Inside Bets and Outside Bets.

Inside Bets are placed inside the grid. There are six different ways to place an Inside Bet: straight up (one number), street (three in a row), trio (0/1/2 or 00/2/3), split (two adjacent numbers), square (four in a square) or six line (a row of 6 numbers).

There are also six ways to place an Outside Bet. You can bet on all the numbers 1-18, 19-36, red or black, even or odd, dozens (1-12, 13-24, or 25-36) or columns of numbers.

Roulette is a creative and exciting game because you can combine different Inside and Outside Bets. As you become an experienced player, you will hone your betting skills and develop a unique roulette strategy.

Different online roulette styles

At Platinum Play Online Casino, you can choose between different online roulette games to customize your gambling experience. The casino offers European, French, and American Roulette. While the overall gameplay is essentially the same, there are a few differences.

In American Roulette, both 0 and 00 appear on the wheel.

European Roulette allows another type of bet called a Neighbour Bet, which is based on where numbers are located on the wheel.

French Roulette has an additional rule, La Partage, where you only lose half your even-money bet if the ball lands on 0.

Roulette is a sophisticated casino game of chance. Simple yet elegant, it is a favourite of many discerning players. Try your luck today and play online roulette at Platinum Play.

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